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Bartec are specialists in bespoke confectionery packaging and can offer your business a range of ideal packaging solutions for your confectionery products. Explore our collection of chocolate cushion pads and petit fours cases, meticulously designed to your needs. Our chocolate cushion pads provide both protection and elegance, preserving the shape, texture, and flavour of your delicate chocolates.

Choose from a range of sizes, shapes, and finishes in our versatile petit fours cases, perfect for showcasing macaroons, truffles, or miniature cakes. For your biscuit boxes or tins, here at Bartec, we have a vast inventory of glassine and greaseproof options held in reels for swift conversion in many different colours. All made with exceptional quality and variety.

If you are looking for customised confectionery packaging why not give us a call and speak with one of our experts today or complete the online form to see what we can do for you.


Chocolate Packaging / Glassine Liners

Greaseproof Paper / Glassine Liners

For boxes or biscuit tins where grease resistance and aesthetic appeal are critical, greaseproof or glassine liners are the perfect solution. We can customise the liners to your desired dimensions or provide cruciform shapes to fit the containers perfectly. Additionally, we can print your brand on the liners for that added personal touch.

At Bartec, we have a vast inventory of glassine and greaseproof options held in reels for swift conversion. We also offer a wide variety of colours.

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Chocolate Cushion Pads

Cushion pads are a common feature of chocolate boxes and biscuit tins as they serve as layer pads. However, they can also be die-cut and perforated to provide excellent cushioning throughout the box.

Typically, we manufacture cushion pads from glassine, but we can also use greaseproof, film and metallised layers if required. Our cushion pads come in 3-ply and 5-ply thicknesses, and we maintain a ready supply of black, white, and brown stock. We can also supply 7-ply and 9-ply or incorporate coloured layers with a minimum order quantity.

Bartec is a specialist in supplying cushion pads to chocolate and biscuit manufacturers, many of whom rely on our pads to safeguard their products during transit. Other sectors that benefit from our cushion pads include baked goods, food hampers, tea, and toys.

When enquiring using our online forms please include which colour (black, white or Brown) and Ply (3, 5, 7 or 9*) you require if you know. 

*Please note brown is only available in 3 and 5 ply.

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Petit Four Cases

Our Petit Four cases are served as containers for holding individual chocolates or truffles in either a tray or a box. To guarantee that each case separates easily from the nest, a unique coating is applied to the material.

Our selection includes glassine or greaseproof options, with white and black being the most popular colours. Additionally, we offer a range of coloured cases that can seamlessly blend with the chocolates or other packaging.

While we have several designs available for immediate purchase, we also offer branded petit fours cases with a minimum order quantity of 180,000.

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