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Bartec offers a range of diverse, premium packaging solutions meticulously crafted for various industries. From quality soap packaging to versatile silicone paper, our products are thoughtfully designed to meet your non food packaging needs while ensuring the utmost quality and functionality.

Our bespoke packaging supplies such as soapwrap can be supplied in rolls or die-cut to a customised size or shape to meet your unique requirements that complement your handmade or commercial soaps. Our custom packaging solutions combine elegance and protection, ensuring your products arrive in perfect condition while attracting customers with their aesthetic appeal. Whether you prefer sustainable materials, eye-catching designs, or custom shapes, the end result is tailored to showcase your brand and vision. We also offer embossed glassines.

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Release Liners / Tape Interleaves

We offer a range of silicone release papers that can be used as interleaves between adhesive tape rolls.

Our options include siliconised greaseproof, waxed paper, vegetable parchment, and heavier siliconised interleaves, depending on the specific application requirements.

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We offer embossed glassines and other coated papers as an appealing solution for soap packaging.

Our products can be supplied in rolls or die-cut to a customised size or shape to meet the unique requirements of our customers.

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Trade Services

We have register and standard sheeting, guillotines, and die-cutting facilities at our Northwich factory.

Many of our trade partners request that we sheet and finish reels of both printed and unprinted materials.

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