Packaging for Dairy Products

Bartec offer a wide range of packaging for dairy products including cheese wraps, waxed paper and tissue in traditional brown (as well as truly bespoke designs).

We can supply bespoke dairy packaging creating tailor-made solutions that meet the specific needs of your dairy produce and processing. With all our dairy packaging we ensure product integrity, freshness, and market appeal. Customised packaging offers several advantages, starting with the ability to accommodate various dairy products, such as milk, cheese, yogurt, and butter, in different shapes and sizes.

A key benefit of bespoke packaging is branding. Customised packaging for dairy products allows companies to showcase their unique branding elements, logos, and designs, enhancing brand recognition and consumer loyalty. Factors like sustainability and eco-friendliness are integral and Bartec use eco-conscious materials and adopt eco-friendly practices, demonstrating a commitment to our environmental responsibility and sustainability values.

At Bartec Paper and Packaging we have extensive experience and can help find you the right solutions for your dairy company. Why not get in touch today and chat with our experts who can advise on product type and discuss all your bespoke requirements including meeting industry regulations and hygiene standards. We can guide you through the entire packaging process, from concept development to production, ensuring the result aligns with the product\’s requirements and the producer\’s vision.

Our packaging empowers dairy businesses like yours to stand out in a competitive market while meeting consumer demands for convenience, sustainability, and product excellence.



Wrap up your cheese in style with our range of waxed paper and tissue – from traditional brown to bespoke designs, we’ve got you covered!

We have a broad range of waxed paper and tissue available in various grades and low/high gloss finishes. Waxed paper is highly resistant to grease and moisture, making it a popular choice for cheesewraps. We can also provide Duplex Paper for other cheese types, similar to what continental delis use to wrap sliced meats and cheeses. Our selection includes brown waxed paper to achieve a traditional look and “World Cheeses” design, which is ideal for retailers. Plus new Ovtene Film (See separate product)

We offer bespoke printing of all materials we supply for cheesewraps, subject to minimum quantities. This enables you to personalise the material with your company logo or custom designs to enhance your brand image.

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Waxed Paper

We offer waxed papers in both High Opacity and Low Opacity varieties, available in plain or printed with food approved inks. Our paper can be die-cut to any shape, supplied in reels or as sheets.

We have two pre-designed print options in stock suitable for cheese, bread, meats, and delicatessens where (smaller quantities may make a branded design unfeasible).

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Greaseproof Paper

Greaseproof paper is resistant to oils and fats, and used to process meat, fish and dairy products.

We stock a variety of grades and colours which can be supplied plain or printed, sheeted or die-cut, or even slit to size in rolls depending on customer requirements.

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Ovtene recyclable packaging film is a material which extends the quality and characteristics of food products. Inspired by nature to be the first food packaging that restricts the growth of bacteria.

Ovtene is 100% recyclable. Traditional plastic alternatives are made of 100% polyethylene. Ovtene is primarily composed of calcium carbonate and other trace minerals.

This reduces the amount of plastic used by 60% while preserving resources and reducing waste.

Why it works…

Thanks to its unique physical structure, Ovtene is resistant to liquids and permeable to gases. This creates an ideal microclimate against the proliferation of moulds and other agents that deteriorate fresh food products.

Bartec are the only UK company that can supply Ovtene Film Cut to your bespoke requirements. Read our Blog Post.

we are pleased to be able to offer the products below!

All pre packaged ready for use –

Ovtene Sheets  | Ovtene Rolls |Ovtene Bags

Pre order onlyStock due Jan 2024

(subject to minimum order qtys)



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Waxed Paper (Pre Printed Deli and World Cheese Designs)

We have in stock these exclusively designed 42gsm Waxed Papers with printed “Deli” and “World Cheese” designs.

Ideal for Delicatessen / Deli / Bakery / Cafe / Cheese / Retailers / Takeaways, Bread and cake wrap and much more!

We can provide sheets cut to your required size or shape, enquire now!


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Butter Wraps and Coverleaves

Our greaseproof/foiled/paper laminate materials can be supplied plain or printed as the perfect butter wrap material.

We can supply our greaseproof/foiled/paper laminate materials as plain or printed, making them an ideal choice for butter wrap material.

In addition, we offer die-cut greaseproof parchment materials that can serve as lidding or cover leaves for margarine and butter. We keep a variety of cutters in stock that are specifically designed for cutting cover leaves for standard margarine tubs.

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Siliconised Greaseproof Paper (Dairy)

Siliconised Greaseproof Paper can be used for Dairy products.

We stock two-side silicone coated paper which is used as a liner or layer sheet when release properties are required. We supply sheets cut to size and also die-cut shapes.

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